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Sunday, May 3rd, at one o’clock in the afternoon the volcano named Fuego “Fire” erupted with an intensity not seen in forty years.

The village of Santa Maria de Jesus is 15 miles away. Due to its position and altitude high on the opposite side of the Volcano Agua the school and students are safe. School is closed for now because of dangerous road conditions and the safety of the teachers who commute a long distance daily.

Antigua was spared all but ash covering. The configuration and conditions send the flow and gases over the other side towards the coast. This is why Antigua has not been destroyed by this volcano in its history.
I, Judy, am staying inside and am fine.
I am just telling you facts and don’t have words to share the sorrow I feel.

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Pyroclastic Flow of Fuego

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Fuego has a  moderate lava flow but more dangerous is it’s pyroclastic flow consisting of a mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases at a temperature of 1,800 degrees. The flow tumbles down faster than a man or car can outrun. 

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Many who visited this area have enjoyed a relaxing time at this hotel and golf course.  I chose this picture to give an example of the devastation elsewhere.
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Sixty are known dead and hundreds are missing.