School Needs

Why doesn’t New Life School have a sponsorship program for individual students? Unlike many organizations New Life doesn’t have a sufficient bilingual office staff to provide the communication expected with sponsorship. All donations are used to ensure that the need of every student is met to meet their educational, psychological and nutritional needs.


The biggest and most important item in a school budget is salaries for our excellent staff of 17 paid employees. Please consider contributing for a salary or a portion of it.


We provide breakfast and a snack for the students each school day. The amount of $25 a month supplies one child with this nutrition. For many of our children this is their main sustenance.

School supplies

New life provides most of the school supplies needed for the teachers and students. In public schools the teachers and students must buy their own. With more than one child in a family studying this is a reason that not every child can attend school. It is a financial hardship for teachers to buy their own. Providing the school books needed for 100 students is an expense.

Building maintenance

Our beautiful big building is now eleven years old. One hundred children take a toll on a building. When it was new the biggest expense was cleaning supplies and paint. Now we face situations such as plumbing, electrical, and roof leaks. The tile flooring had to be replaced in five rooms on the third floor. Due to the many small earthquakes, the tile had popped off the floor.

Special needs

We use all the resources available including our finances to ensure the students’ needs are met for aids such as glasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, etc.

Social and educational events

During the year we host programs for the parents which includes a meal and educational topic. Also, times to honor the students at graduation and the parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day. The students have an excursion to the zoo, museum, amusement park, and other ways to expand their knowledge of their country and the world.

Technical equipment

Office and kitchen equipment has a life span and then needs to be replaced. Computers, printers, refrigerators, and stoves are a constant need. A big expense is providing all the paper copies needed by the school teachers for their classrooms and the office. The photocopier, toner, paper, and maintenance are a costly necessity for a school.