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2018 is going to be the year that New Life School reaches new heights of ministry. What makes me so sure? Because some major changes are in the works that promise to see the ministry of the school become even more effective than ever before.

Marisol, our school director, is operating as such a distinctive level of professionalism that I am confident she can carry the work of the school with minimal oversight from me. That means I can finally feel free to travel, sharing the needs and unique opportunities of the school with churches and potential donors in the United States. The additional funding will allow us to continue to serve our children with  excellence and provide, with more types of resources, for the children of Santa Maria de Jesus.

I’ve talked with the leader of Commission to Every Nation, my sending agency, and together we decided that the most value of my time will primarily involve representing the school in the USA. That it would be wise for me to make the base and home office of Foundation New Life with Education in the USA. I will from there travel to Guatemala regularly (via SKYPE, phone calls and personal visits) for leadership meetings, planning sessions, staff encouragement and special events. Thanks to the amazing age of technology in which we live I can check in with our staff and the CPA regularly, even daily if necessary, and stay on top of all the developments.

My role as Executive Director will not change, just the location from where I do it. All this set to happen in July. By then the school year (which runs from January through November) will be off to a good start with established routines in place. I plan to base out of Texas so I can be close to family- children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Of course I am excited about that. Another thrilling part of this change is where I see New Life School will grow because I’ll have the liberty to promote the school and the vision to more churches and individuals. 

Most missionaries plan to “work themselves out of a job” by engaging nationals in the ministry to the point that they don’t have to be involved in the day to day activities. But very few are able to accomplish it. God has sent me a marvelous staff that is making it possible for me to release many of the daily tasks and spend more time sharing the vision with others – others who can help us enlarge the ministry of the school. By widening our support base, we can ensure sustainability and a secure future for the school. 

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The building was full of parents as well as students. Many did not think an education would be possible for their sons and daughters. This couple has son who is deaf. 

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Thank you for your continued support of New Life School. I need your partnership more than ever as we make this change that promises to take the school to a new level of ministry and effectiveness.
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Isaiah 25: 1 
“Oh Lord, You are my God. I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness You have done marvelous things.”